At bluebird parenting we understand that family life can be hard. While every child brings love and joy they also bring their  own unique challenges.

We know that the 'perfect parent' simply doesn't exist but we can help you become the best parent you can be for your child. 

bluebird parenting offers parenting courses that can support you to develop skills and strategies to improve your family life.

Attending a positive parenting course doesn't mean you are failing as a parent, it shows a commitment to parenting your child in the very best way you can, creating an environment in which your child and you as the parent can thrive.

Our parenting courses are about enhancing your existing natural abilities and using them along side new skills and strategies based on the latest research in child development and tried and tested by families over many years. 

We provide practical solutions to problems many families face everyday. The skills you will learn can help you improve communication with your children, which in turn will lead to happier, calmer children and a more relaxed and rewarding family life. 

At bluebird parenting we also offer training in schools helping teaching and support staff to use the techniques of positive parenting to create successful learning environments. 


"The bluebird parenting course has given me the confidence to be a good parent and believe in my abilities to raise confident and happy children. Thank you so much!"

Alison, Mum of 2 year old and 6 month old.